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Ultimate Broodmare Kit

by Jim Robbins for We LOVE Arabian Horses

The ULTIMATE show and broodmare starter kit, in one really special old photo by Judy Barrick. It was August 6th of 1966, at the Canadian Nationals in Calgary and the Top Ten Mares had been awarded and they were all waiting outside to see who would be Champion and Reserve.

In front is Lasma’s legendary Habina++ (Hallany Mistanny x Binni by Gulastra), with a young Gene LaCroix in one of the very few color photos of this great mare.

Behind her to the left is the chestnut Lewisfield Nizzaba (*Nizzam x Aabona by Aaraf), to the right showing part of her face and neck is *Eskadra++ (Nabor x Ela by Miecznik) and to her right is her stable-mate at Kale’s, the one and only *Dornaba++ (Naborr x Darda by Amurath-Sahib).

Imagine, just imagine for a moment, if one could have these four world class mares today. Standing in your barn, to start a breeding program with. The opportunities would be endless and mind boggling.

When the dust settled, *Dornaba++ with Howie Kale won her first National Championship, Habina++ with Gene was reserve and both *Eskadra++ and Lewisfield Nizzaba were Top Ten’s. Kales had an amazing show, as did the LaCroix family and Lasma and Mrs. Ralph Woodley was thrilled, no doubt, with Lewisfield Nizzaba’s placing in this company.

What is most special about these mares? They ALL had performance careers as well! *Eskadra++, *Dornaba++ and Habina++ with US, Canadian and Scottsdale wins in performance, under saddle in the English divisions and *Eskadra++ in Driving. All three were awarded the highest level of “Legion of Merit” awards available at the time. Lewisfield Nizzaba was shown lightly as a Western Pleasure mare and I’m guessing since she won ever major award up and down the East Coast in halter, she did fairly well under saddle also.

You aren’t going to find a more incredible group of halter and performance and breeding mares in one snapshot. This, my friends, is about as good as National show gets!

Jim Robbins for We Love Arabian Horses, grinning from ear to ear as I type this post about 4 mares that are the best our breed was and is!

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Jim Robbins
Author: Jim Robbins

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  1. Love the variation in bloodlines and type represented by these four lovely, athletic mares. Thank you for stressing that these mares were all shown in performance in addition to being “halter mares”. Something important is being lost in the Arabian breed as we are now several decades into breeding more and more horses for halter OR performance.

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