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We LOVE Special Gifts

By Paul Kostial, Executive Director

In the world of marketing today, tangible connection is the greatest branding too, and people love to feel appreciated.

Nothing springs as much smile as an unexpected nice gift for some even minor appreciation. It’s just the acknowledgement that matters and, let them know how much you care. You took the time to send a tangible gift – it lights people up, and shares your value of them.

Our sponsors and supporters are such an integral component of our growth, it’s only fitting that we have options to share special moments with the people who help us make all this happen. It’s so important and, in a very niche community with many facets, connecting the dots in a more personal manner creates a valued connection that’s real, authentic and… it’s valued. And appreciated.

We are so pleased to have so many amazing sponsors, and many who quietly in the background cause growth for the organization. Even key introductions, content and fundraising ideas, and many more… it helps us stay focused, and absorb the direction from the community.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors – we appreciate you, and share with you our thank you page.

SPONSORS – Thank You to Our Partners

For more information about sponsor options, starting at just $5… take a look. We’d welcome your support and encouragement.

SPONSORS – Overview, Mission & Vision

For CORPORATE SPONSOR options, please visit…

SPONSORS – Join Our Corporate Sponsors

For TITLE SPONSOR options, please visit…

SPONSORS – Annual Title Sponsor Options
Paul Kostial
Author: Paul Kostial

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